Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Artist's Hair

Not too long ago, my little one drew her first recognizable person.

Once recently, she made "Begetable Soup" with her water colors.
But usually she just draws lots of sunshines. Big, GIANT, fill-the-whole-page sunshines with smiley faces and round pig noses.
But she has yet to attempt a body figure. Until now.

When she brought it to me, it was bald. I asked her where its hair was. She told me, "Maaaamaaa! Dat's Me! I have to dwaw my wooooong hair."

And then she drew her loooooong hair.
I desperately hope it is not a sign of hairstyles to come.


Mouse said...

heheheh ... looks a bit like mine in a morning ... lol I do have long hair that has been a variety colours due to DD2 doing hairdressing course and I was a model :) love mouse xxxx

Lizzy Pizzy said...

Hmmm - tall blue hair - I have seen it before... Let me think now - Marg Simpson :)
Liz x