Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taking Pictures

The camera that I have been shooting with for the last five years is a Canon EOS Rebel XT (previous to that, I used a Canon Rebel film camera). At 8 megapixels, it delivers large, clear shots and gives me plenty of opportunity to play with settings to achieve my desired outcome.
But every year, when the winter months roll in, my struggles to get well-lit photos that are sharp and clear become monumental. I often go for days without picking up my camera, because I know that I will just become frustrated.
It does have a built-in flash, but in general, I tend to avoid using it, because I don't like the harshness that is inevitably present when flash is used.
For the past year I have been saving money to get a new camera body. My ultimate wish was for a new Canon in the D series, but after a year of squirreling my pennies away, I wasn't even a third of the way toward the sticker price.
After doing more research, and reading hundreds of positive reviews online, I decided to stay loyal to the Rebel line, and bought an EOS Rebel T2i.
Just the body for now, since all of my lenses are interchangeable.
The photos you have been looking at are a representation of how much better this new camera handles low-lighting. I used the same exact settings, and only slightly different lenses to capture the same shot with each camera.
I am so pleased and excited each time I take a low-lighting photo with my new camera. It is almost effortless to capture what I have imagined in my mind, and the time spent editing my photos has dwindled down to almost nothing.
More play, less work... bringing back the joy of taking pictures... happy, happy me!


MoonBeam said...

Definitely a difference when you point it out to us. Always love your photos. Have fun with your new toy!

Mouse said...

ooo that is a difference :) looks more sharper too :) I have trouble with mine but mines a point and shoot ever day camera ... my posh one is a cannon and I need more practice ..lol love mouse xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Sensational photos - you are so talented.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Jen said...

i'm a copy cat kitty...i'll have to bring it on saturday... :)