Friday, December 02, 2011

T is for Turkey and Twist

Imagine my delight, when, shortly after declaring my love for Turkeys, I received this amazing creation in the mail.
I proudly wore him on my clothes all Thanksgiving week long.
I'm pretty tempted to keep wearing him all through the Christmas season too. Turkeys are timeless, right?

In addition to her hand-crafted token, the talented Patti also included the Christmas issue of FOLK magazine (never heard of it? Its a brand-new publication.).
Want to know why? LOOK!
Happy dance in the middle of the Post Office!


Sherre said...

Wow! How cool! Your designs are in that magazine! I've never heard of this magazine before, looks interesting.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful gift and amazing surprise for you.
Many Merry Stitches,
Homespun Elegance

Patti said...

It's such an honor to be "published" together :) I'm glad that you enjoyed your mini turkey. Love your "T" collection.
Blessings, Patti

Lizzy Pizzy said...

First it was pumpkin pie and now turkeys.. I am definately being won over to the 'Thankgiving' idea... What a glorious gobbler (sorry)... And congrats on being published in a new magazine. You certainly deserve it Beth
Liz x

maggiesfarm said...

Happy dance indeed!
I'll be on the hunt for that magazine.