Friday, December 02, 2011

Have You Ever... ???

In all you live-long life, have you ever seen something like this?
I am completely baffled by this old pincushion.
She appears to be made of horsehair-stuffed silk. And I think she used to have a ruff of some kind around her neck.
Her head has a big hole in the top, presumably where her hair was once attached.
Otherwise, all I can say is, "What in the world!", shake my head and smile.
And speaking of old pincushions, do you like her pillow?
Its an oldie too, given to me by my Sis-in-Law for my birthday.
Methinks I might be a bonified pincushion collector pretty soon.


Mouse said...

makes you think was she made to actually sit in something in the first place ??? I am sure on the blog world some one has had one similar on show a few months back .. if it comes to be will squeak loudly :) love mouse xxxx

Patti said...

Interesting... I think I would have a hard time sticking a pin in her... she might cry ouch!