Friday, December 09, 2011

Random, the Christmas Edition

Hi there... its just me again.
Showing you a few festive things I have scattered about... like this old ornament I recently found. A pink flower with a giant beetle on it. Those Victorians sure had interesting taste.
I like to scoop up old silver-plate compotes when I find them at the thrift store. Stacked together, they resemble a shiny fountain, long gone dry, but with lovely patina.
This charming old postcard was sent to my Great-Grandparents in 1913. The woman who sent it wrote all in Danish, and has the most beautiful penmanship.
My cozy living room with its tiny tree.
A Victorian cookie tin, silver-plate platter and footed oil lamp.
An old and tattered sampler done all in red and green.
Appliqued angel announcing the birth of the Savior of the world.
Old mirror, concrete pheasant, pewter plate, swift.
Frog tree.
Let Us Be Truly Thankful, the Winter Edition.
Vintage Christmas books that belonged to my Grandmother.
NOEL 1705... from the Tidings of Comfort and Joy booklet.
Now Christmas is Come.
And my most favorite decorations of all...
Reading Christmas books, no less.


Joy said...

Thank you for a lovely tour. Such sweet babies:)

Hazel said...

I really enjoyed reading your post! x

MoonBeam said...

Your tiny tree is now magnificent. Everything is wonderful.


Catherine said...

Lovely random post! Your home looks so cozy!

Chris said...

Beautiful and magical post Beth!