Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

To the sweetest Boy I have ever known...

You drew breathe for the first time exactly 6 years and 12 minutes ago.
Our lives are better in every way, having shared this space with you.

I hope today exceeds your expectations as we celebrate your life.
We love you beyond reason.


Peggy Lee said...

Aww...they grow so fast.
Precious pictures!
A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.

Mouse said...

love those photos .... happy birthday little man hope you have a fab day and don't forget to save me some cake love mouse xxxx

valerie said...

Beautiful photos!Happy birthday to your DS!

Julie said...

Awe, you've got yourself a little Sagittarius (like me!). He will bring you soooo much laughter throughout all the days of your life...PROMISE ;-)