Thursday, December 08, 2011

Trimming the Trees

Each of the kids have their own festive container that holds their growing collection of Christmas ornaments.
Because of the small-ness of our family tree this year, they were only able to choose 2 ornaments each to put on it.
The remainder of their collections were left to pile on their tiny fake tree that lives on the landing outside their bedroom doors.
Usually this tree holds lights and a few extra ornaments, but this year, it is bedecked within an inch of its life.
Which makes everyone in this house pretty happy.
No kid ornaments (except my childhood treasures *ahem*) on my pretty tree, and who doesn't love a tree that has been bedecked within an inch of its life?
After decorating their tree, the kids got to *watch* as Daddy and Mama carefully chose from our collection, which ornaments made the cut for the year.
And really, we were able to put most of our special ones out, skipping over the filler ornaments, and a few of the larger, more heavy glass ones.
After all that hard work, we sat down to a nutritious dinner of popcorn, hot cocoa, and The Polar Express.
Is there any other way to end Christmas Tree Day?


MoonBeam said...

Too precious for words!


Nancy said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

Peggy Lee said...

Your tree is beautiful and your children are precious!
Thanks for sharing.

Mindi said...

A smaller tree this year just makes it all that more special for having the really good or sentimental ornaments on it.

When I first moved out on my own, I decided I'd just buy a few ornaments each year and slowly build my collection, instead of just buying a huge box of cheap things at a box store and then having them break within a few years. Almost 20 years later, I have a wonderful collection that means a lot to me.