Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ode to Trees

Looking out, the little tree saw them,
Standing proud and tall,
Bathed in the light of a setting sun.

Oh! to stand in such a way,
Tall and straight and wild,
With moss and owl and squirrel as ornament.
Looking in, they saw the little tree,
Standing sweet and pure,
Resplendant in memories and lights.

Oh! to stand in such a way,
Small and bright and true,
With glass and tin and love as ornament.
Looking on, she saw them all,
Standing in such different ways,
Bathed in light and memories.

Together, reflecting each other,
A forest spanning glass,
Different, the same, ornaments of her story.


MoonBeam said...

Very cool!

Patti said...

Lovely! And isn't that just how we see each other...
Blessings, Patti

Peggy Lee said...


Mouse said...

awww ... love how those photos have depicted both sides of the story ... gorgeous sun set too :) love mouse xxx

Denise said...

I liked that. thanks for sharing. (& uber congratulations on your new camera for the photographs to go with such lovely words. nice cameras are very fun & so much more. enjoy!)