Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Where I Come From

Its Christmas Tree Country out here in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades. My commute to and from school each day is exactly 4.5 miles of backroads. Within that short span, I pass signs for 4 different places selling Christmas trees.
If I were to go another tenth of a mile further in any direction, I would come across a few more.

And that doesn't count the fields of not-big-enough, and so-overgrown-they-look-like-a-forest Christmas trees.
As I was driving the roads taking photos of these signs for you, I crossed paths with a giant flatbed loaded with Christmas trees doomed for a tree lot in town.

The point being that it is amazingly easy to acquire a tree for our holiday decorating. And super inexpensive too. If I was a Veteran, I could get my tree for free.
But several years ago there was a shortage of our favorite variety, the Noble Fir. So we bought a pallet of baby trees and planted them along our upper fence line.
It was February of 2005, and we had no idea that the spark of our Firstborn's life was to be lit in a few short months.
And we had no idea that when he was just 5 1/2 years old, we would decide to forego all trees grown and cultivated by others, ignore the neighbor across the street selling trees from his field, avert our eyes from the small-ness of our own trees, and go for it.
I like big Christmas trees. I dream of the day when I can have a tree so tall it brushes the rafters of a vaulted ceiling.
But our living room is really small, and every year the added pressure of a full-sized tree literally has us tripping over furniture.
This year, happily, we didn't have to re-arrange anything.
We dragged in a tool trunk from the shop, layered it with one of our burlap coffee bags, and PRESTO!
Teeny-tiny tree at least gives the impression of being taller. And we are satisfied.
To be continued...


MoonBeam said...

Thanks for sharing the story of your trees. What a nice family life you have.

I have enough room, but decided to buy a "real" tree this year...kind of on the smaller side...and just decorate with white lights, no ornaments. I placed it in the windowed corner of my kitchen...no moving of furniture required...and I like the simplicity of it all this year.

Merry Christmas.


Lorraine B said...

I love noble firs! They are the most beautiful Christmas trees! We had the pleasure of decorating one (only once) in our home in AZ. I know they grow well in Oregon. What fun to be able to choose one on your own land. Thank you for your story, and I am looking forward to the "rest of the story"!

Cindy Huxtable said...

I love your tree stand. Your tree looks lovely on the trunk. Cant wait to see it decorated.

moosecraft said...

My goodness.... it's PERFECT! :-)

Debbie said...

Beth, here is two great Children's book you could write. The Heartstring Beaver's, and, The Heartstring Beavers and their special Christmas Tree. I miss the simpler life at the cottage. This year I am only going to put out our special Christmas things, and the tree. I'm going to pack everything away for the kids. Life can be simpler where ever you live. Deb

Mouse said...

oooo love those photos of you all .. and the tree though little is just perfect for you :) there is nothing nicer than a real tree :) love mouse

Penny said...

Love this post! So special to pick your tree from your own little tree farm!!
It looks wonderful on the trunk, and I, too, LOVE the tree stand!!

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and story. Very engaging!!

Heather said...

Nobles are my favorite too. It's wonderful that you have your own trees to pick from.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

What a great tree! In all my 34 years I have never had a real tree. Maybe next year...