Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fourth Folder, Fourth Photo

A little while ago, Heather tagged me in this little blog game, where you open your fourth photo folder, find the fourth picture inside, and post it on your blog, explaining who/what it is. Curious, I finally took a look, and the funny thing is that I had originally intended to post about this photo, but never got around to it!

Its Jack and Katie watching Sesame Street together...

The reason it didn't make the cut? I was going to post a similar photo circa 1977 of my older sister, little brother and I watching... you guessed it! Sesame Street. But my Mama's photos are in the storage unit awaiting a permanent home, so my plans were foiled.


Denise said...

my goodness, I want to eat Katie up! Such a doll.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Cutie little kids! Katie looks so small there. My Cameron doesn't so much watch Sesame Street as he does Elmo's World.