Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jack-isms, Part 3

Not really an "ism", but funny, nonetheless, here is Jack "helping" his cousin Savannah blow out her birthday candles...

A few days ago, after a special ice cream treat while out running errands, we returned home, and as Jack was taking his hoodie off, the conversation went like this:

Jack: "This jacket got ice cream on it."
Mama: "Oh. Is it dirty then?"
Jack: "No, its not dirty... its Ice-Creamy."

And one evening recently, Matt was helping Jack draw shapes on his mini doodle pad. A triangle was left on the screen, and a little while later Jack was back at it. Soon, he came to me and said, "Wook at my shape Mama... its all scraped up!"

The boy, he makes me laugh!


Denise said...

me too! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Jack is so funny. Boys will be boys!