Monday, January 12, 2009

My Baby Girl is One Year Old!

Born January 10, 2008... So sweet and tiny, but SUCH hard work to care for as a newborn and infant...feisty and opinionated, and not afraid to tell you so!

But as she has grown up, She has become ever more loving and cuddly, and surprisingly eager to please... So, we were happy to celebrate her first birthday in style... may she only grow sweeter by the day!

I made a butterfly cake (it was a "Hummingbird" cake on the inside... banana, pineapple and cinnamon flavored- yum!), the design of the cake changed about five times in my head over the course of the morning. I have discovered that I am not one to plan it out and stick with my plan- I simply can't follow the rules, even if they are my own! Designing and artist-ing as I went along, this was the final result:

Recognize the butterfly colors? This Mama had some "Toby" leftovers, and put them to good use!

We invited family to join us. The Whittaker and Twist grandparents were all here, as were Aunties, Uncles, and a Cousin. We ate pizza (including a "Jack Special"), chatted up a storm, and gave the Birthday Girl presents, which she really wasn't all that interested in, and required help from Daddy and Mama.

Of course, as her attention moved on to the next gift, Big Brother was quick to abscond with each discarded toy:

And now for the cake-eating... Oh, pretty butterfly!

Ew... it feels Yucky. I'm going to wipe it off on my leg, maybe no one will notice.

Mama made me taste some, and I'm not happy about it AT ALL!

I'll lick my lips a little... hm, interesting...

Nope. No. Uh-uh. I'm done, and you had better get me out of this chair RIGHT NOW!

Strip me down, wash the frosting off, and let me play with my new toys... it's MY party, after all!


Bobbie said... have such a beautiful family! Those darling children will just grow up too fast! I love watching them eat that 1st birthday cake...your little girl was very neat...have fun with them, enjoy them and give them lots of hugs!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Ah, so so oh so sweet!!! Happy 1st birthday, Katie!!!

Beth, how much did she weigh at birth?

I love your cake btw! I made my oldest son a Scooby-Doo cake a long time ago. It was so cool looking. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture...but maybe my parents did. I'll have to check on that one.

farmgirl beth said...

Thank you, ladies! Julie, Katie was my "big" baby, weighing in at exactly 7 pounds... you can read about it here:

Johnson Family said...

Happy birthday Katie! Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already. The cake is adorable.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Beth... I love the pictures, and being able to peek into your party was a delight!

We miss you!

primitivebettys said...

Happy Birthday Katie! :)