Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scherenschnitte Valentines for You

Finally, after a two-day delay, due to the loss of my sepia pen, and subsequent trip to town to buy a new one, I can show you three finished Reproduction Valentines. All will be offered for sale on ebay later this afternoon.

The first is a silhouette of an old wooden weather vane, on the banner it reads, "You are my true North". Framed by a primitive old frame which used to be the inner velvet-covered frame housing a tiny oil painting (which now resides in my bathroom!) now the frame is perfectly rough and rustic, and I absolutely LOVE how it looks with this tiny cutting. Overall dimension framed is just 5 1/4 by 7 inches.

A two-layered Valentine. Cut hearts and diamonds over a water-colored base layer. Both sheets were aged before being attached to one another. This is a reproduction of a true old valentine, color scheme and all. I simply added the words around the edge, which I found on another period Valentine "My Dearest I've pictur'd here your Heart - As turns the needle to the pole So my fond heart's inclin'd To the bright magnet of my soul And you my Valentine. 1875". Framed size is 6 1/4 inches square.

And finally, another reproduction, again all hand-cut by me even though it looks like a paper doily! The original was COVERED in writing. I chose only my favorite little quotes to include, since I simply couldn't write that tiny on this smaller version! Some of the words are, "Sweetest Heart tis you I adore... Oh! That I were a little fly I'd sit neath your pretty eye... My cherished Dear here I sit in a burning loving fit!... If I've written badly tis because I love you madly". And the date: 14 February 1790, the date on the original. Framed size is 6 inches square in a very pretty vintage frame.


Lori said...

your papercuttings are just beautiful Beth!

I've found my scissors again too!

love that sparkly little pin that you have displayed next to them, too, is it vintage???

Lori from Notforgotten Farm

farmgirl beth said...

Yes Lori, I had to laugh when I saw that you had been at it again too... I think we might be running in the same art cycle.

The pin is my most favorite vintage find ever. It lives on my kitchen windowsill so that I can look at it daily!

Gayle said...

I've just discovered your wonderful blog - you do such beautiful work! Have you ever offered any free patterns like so many of the great designers do? I'd love to see them!